Sunday, April 29, 2012

NOTD - Zoya's Paz

This is my first bottle of Zoya polish and I got it at Ulta on clearance. This is from Zoya's La-Di-Da Summer 2009 collection. After months on my polish rack I decided to give it a try since the weather has been quite warm lately and the color totally suits it. This is also my first bottle of a jelly type of polish so I was surprised at its gelatin-like cream opaqueness after one coat. After two coats I realized how bright it was. I never thought to look at other bloggers review of this and after some research, most agreed with its eye-squinting brilliance.

This took two coats of the Zoya and 1 coat of Poshe top coat.

This was great while it lasted the weekend but I'm ready to tone it down a bit. See you later LacLoves!

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