Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Earth Day Nails!

Happy Belated Earth Day!! These were my nails for Sunday in honor of National Earth Day.My son took one look at my nails and said, "Oooh you have space nails, Mommy!" His father pointed out that Earth was on one of my nails and told him that is where we live. He looks confused, and my 3 year-old asks, "We live on Mommy's nails?" Oh you gotta love children...

I went to my city's Earth Day Festival and it was disappointing. I only wish there was more to offer the citizens of Stockton because despite what outsiders think, there is still beauty here! Anyway, I digress...

I need to start wrapping my nails, by the time they are completely dry, the whole coat kinda shrinks. I keep forgetting but maybe writing about this right now will make me remember in the future.

This is what I used for my Earth Day nails...

Whole nail
Essie - Midnight Cami

Whole nail
China Glaze - Shooting Stars (1 coat)... How appropriate!

OPI - Green-wich Village
OPI - Ogre-the-top Blue

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