Friday, April 13, 2012

Julep Spring Mystery Box is HERE!!

Let's just go straight to the pictures...

I couldn't be any more happier! I don't have any of those shades and who says there's such a thing as too much cuticle oil? Not me! Wait... I take that back, I do have one of them, Melissa. The one that reminds of a seashell. That's okay because I am going to share the love and that will be my first follower's, Annabelle's, prize!

Cuticle oil - $18
Top coat - $14
Polish (3) - $42
     Kelly - soft shade of pink
     Gayle - a deep purple creme

Total worth: $74... not bad at all

Also, you can sign up for Julep's, Julep Maven program and get your first box for a PENNY!

-Go to the link that I have here
-Take the quiz (taking the quiz does not obligate you to anything)
-You will get a style tailored from your quiz
-Click on SIGN ME UP (you will be able to choose from the other styles on this page if you don't like the one that you got. Just click on "see other maven styles...)
-Choose the box you want for $19.99
-Check out
-Under the promotion code put in
-Choose the free shipping option (Your box will come in about 7-10 days, but mine usually come in about 4)

REMEMBER! You can cancel anytime but I recommend that you try it for at least 2 months. The polish is awesome! Not to mention the treatments, appliques, that come with it also. I also got an email letting me know that I will be getting a Julep makeup bag as an introductory gift, worth $18 :) Loving my Julep...

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