Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NOTD - butter LONDON's Trout Pout

Over the Earth Day weekend there was a special on butter LONDON nail polish at our local Dillard's and the makeup department employee had me at FREE butter LONDON.

Buy 2 get Come to Bed Red FREE
butter LONDON winners are...

Trout Pout - a bright pink salmon color
Bossy Boots - avocodo
Come to Bed Red - a very sexy red

I decided to go with Trout Pout first because I wanted to know if it is a close shade to Julep's Alicia.

Proven in the following pictures, it doesn't really come close. While Alicia may be very close to a salmon color that I am currently obsessed with, Trout Pout is a lot more orangey-pink than I would like.

Two layers

One layer
Also, I am finding that this brand is a little streaky which can easily be fixed with a better brush. The brushes for these lacquers are a little skinny and doesn't cover a whole lot of nail in one stroke. I found myself having this dip the brush 2-3 times per layer.

Overall, it's a very fun color and perfect for Summer!

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