Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NOTD (2) - CG Re-Fresh Mint

In natural light

Cleaned off the Zoya and put this on...

This is one of the more fun colors that I've had on. I got a lot of compliments everywhere I went, asking me what kind of polish it is and where can they get it! It's funny because there are countless reviews about this shade and has been out for about 2 years. China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint from their 2010 Up & Away Spring line.

At first it looks like a pale blue, really pale, but after drying it comes out just a tad darker than what is shown in the bottle. This isn't new, but this is where the "mint" name comes from. It really does remind of a mint flavored anything because of the ultimate shade.

Like I said, this is a fun color to wear but because it is so light in color and it is a creme, imperfections are difficult to avoid. Especially around the edges. I will definitely wear this again!

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