Thursday, May 10, 2012

Julep's Cinco de Mayo Mystery Box is HERE TODAY!!!

   Okay, so a couple of my friends and I decided to open our boxes together so there will be three different boxes. No more talking here are the boxes....
Glycolic hand scrub, Natalie, Demi, Maya, Leah, & a crystal nail file. Worth about $64

Glycolic hand scrub, Drew, Alyson, Emma, Jessica, & a crystal nail file. Worth about $64

A BIG box!

Nail appliques, Christina, Hayden, Alyson, Parker, Vanessa, cuticle oil, & a fast dry top coat. Worth about $116
Christina, Hayden, Alyson, Parker, & Vanessa. This is a little annoying but I already have Hayden and it's a shade darker. You can slightly tell in the picture that this is an air pocket that suggests there is less polish in this bottle. It's shrink wrapped, too. I'm not sure where or not to complain

Close up of Christina. I wanted to show the gold shimmer in this one.

Please share what you got!!! I've been looking up other people's blogs and I've seen some boxes that are worth more than $200! LUCKY! Not that I'm complaining...

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