Thursday, March 22, 2012

NOTD and Gouda Gouda Two Shoes Review

So, this is my NOTD, as well as, a very surfaced review on OPI's Gouda Gouda Two Shoes shade from the Holland Line. 

I decided to wear this shade today because I just started a new job and I have to network. I've always dreamed of a job where I could be in the background, never talk to people, and get paid a good amount of money. That's not where life took me. I have to talk to people. Everyday. To say the least, I do enjoy it. SO, I didn't want to wear the usual eye-catching shades that I'm used to because I had a meeting today and I didn't want my crazy nails to distract anyone. The woman I met today actually had bright crazy nail polish and I would have LOVED to gush about them with her but I had to digress. She obviously had a thing for lacquer but we had to stay professional... bleh...

When looking at the bottle you can see specks of tiny gold dust within the muted pink. It obviously shows in the picture as well but wearing it all day and also staring at my nails, you don't really see those gold specks. Maybe if you were out in the sun, but I work in an office and florescent light doesn't do anyone any good. 

I bought the whole Holland line because the colors are so pretty when looking at them all in a row. Now, actually wearing one shade at a time, that's different and as I've come to realize, a little boring. The shade stood out to me at first... or maybe I didn't wear the right outfit today... 

I know my mom would LOVE this shade. It kinda reminds me of the Revlon shades she used to buy when I was growing up. 

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