Saturday, March 31, 2012

Butter London - Wallis

I fell in love right when I saw this color at Ulta. The metallic olive rustiness that seemed to glow was calling me from inside that geometrically proportioned bottle. Too many descriptive words? There's a dupe out there by Love & Beauty - Safari, which you can buy at Forever21 for a fraction of the price but the finished look is a bit muted compared to Butters.

Who wouldn't love this? Any girl who loves color the way I do would totally appreciate this! This is my first bottle of Butter London and I had a hard time choosing JUST ONE bottle because it is $$$$ ($14). Moolah that I just don't have. So... I pace myself... The color selection makes it so hard not to stand there for less than five minutes trying to pick from an array shades that you don't normally see from one brand of nail polish.

Are you kidding me? It's so hard! They should start their own Julep box because the polishes are the same price. I would be on that! Well, just because they are the same price doesn't mean they have the same value because Julep's bottles hold 8 ml ($1.75/ml) while Butter holds 11 ml ($1.27/ml). If that makes a difference to anyone but to me that means I can paint more nails with Butter London.

Putting it on was comparable to Julep and I would suggest improving the brushes on them because they are a little skinny, which took more than enough strokes to keep it from clumping. Other than that, I will be wearing this shade for a while. I wonder what other shades Butter London will come up with next?

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