Sunday, March 25, 2012

Julep Maven March Boho Glam

I received my Julep box not very long ago and I couldn't wait to try these on. 

Alicia - a beautiful salmon creme
Portia - which kinda reminds me of mermaids

I guess the combination of both feels very beach-like. 

I am absolutely in LOVE with Julep. Most of the polishes, especially the creme hues, do not need a third or even a second coat to get the opaque layer. That means you use less polish! These thin bottles hold 8 ml at $14/ bottle compared to OPI, 15 ml at about $8/bottle. I don't feel as though I am being ripped off because the quality of Julep is quite superior and the colors are sought after. 

My sister and I combined our collections and these are the other shades from their March IT Girl box.

Charlotte - A nice grey-ish purple creme
Melissa - Reminds of the inside of a shell
Jodie - A ruby satin hue with hints of gold sheen

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