Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MyGlam Bag August 2012

Here is my August Glam Bag that I received about a week ago! 6 items!

It's always great to get cosmetics :)


  1. I love getting a box of new goodies, too, but doesn't it kill you how there's never enough of the Facial Serums to tell how well it really works?

    I did like Lumene's serum, but then, I went through a whole bottle of it. Yet, it didn't do enough to make it worth the regular expenditure. And it's not an instant thrill, like a new red lacquer.

    What's your nail color plan for the Fall? is there a color zone you'll be exploring?

    1. Thank you for asking! I am getting into the cobalt blues this season, which coincidently, according to my fashion major friends, is one of the colors of the season! It makes me feel like I'm up to date with fashion because for the most part... I'm not lol. What about you?

      I absolutely agree that the samples are, majority of the time, not enough. Although, eclos' samples this month were very generous! I have been using both products for the past two weeks and I have seen an improvement with skin tone and suppleness.

      The DEMETER perfume smelled like I was rolling guava juice onto my skin. I like fruity aromas but that was really sugary for my taste.

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