Monday, June 18, 2012

Julep Mystery Box 2012 Reveal

I ordered my box on the very last day. I did that on purpose because I told myself that if I was meant to get a mystery box then there would still be some boxes available on the last day to order. Sure enough there was and I ordered two.

Here is what I got...

Lip plumping lip gloss in Ultra Violet
Lip plumping lip gloss in Intimacy
Top to bottom: Emilie & Natalie, both creme
Top to bottom: Lauren & Marisa
Close up of Marisa

I'm glad I got the hair top coats and the lip gloss. I have two polishes out of the four but the ones I already have are a couple of my favorites so an extra bottle isn't an issue but since I have most of the shades, and with add-ons each month I'm going to have to reconsider buying the mystery boxes. I was hoping to get a gift certificate this time and I haven't seen anyone with the big box yet but overall I'm pretty satisfied.

Both boxes are worth $62 each. $40 for $124 worth of goodies. Not bad at all...

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